Ahmad Shah Mobariz


Ahmad Shah Mobariz is a member of the Research Board of the Porsesh Research & Studies. His research interests include international trade, public finance, and macroeconomics. Mobariz has extensive research on international trade, particularly on Afghanistan’s membership to the World Trade Organization. He has published work with the South Asia Economic Journal, FRIET and the ARTNeT. Mobariz is a Lecturer in Development Economics, Econometrics and Macroeconomics at the Faculty of Economics of Ibn-e Sina University for the past two years. Mobariz holds an MA in Development Economics from South Asian University and a Bachelor in Business Management from Bangalore University. Additionally, Mobariz is working with the Public Financial Reform Project of the World Bank as a National Audit Trainer, training and managing the training division in areas of Public Financial Management, Revenue and Expenditure Analysis, and Data Analysis in Auditing. Mobariz has presented research papers at various international forums such as International Trade Economists Conference, South Asia Economic Summit, Economic Development in South Asia and many other platforms at the regional level. Furthermore, Mobariz is a specialist in General Equilibrium Modeling, which is a macroeconomic tool to assess the effects of an economic policy. He is a proficient user of Stata, GTAP, GAMS, Eviews, and Matlab.

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