Kara Lozier

Kara Lozier is the founder and director of ROYA – Resources of Young Afghans, through which she has been counseling, mentoring and supporting young Afghans in various ways. One of ROYA’s most recent initiatives is the ROYA Online Writing Center which offers writing support to Afghan students, teachers, writers and non-profit organizations. Kara has been offering writing support and editing services for over ten years and has been able to expand the population she serves with the volunteers at the ROYA Online Writing Center – university interns, professional writers and college professors. Independently and as a community coordinator for U.S. government-sponsored exchange students, Kara has supervised, lived with and/or placed students from over two dozen countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Eastern Europe. It was through this work that she developed her passion for working with Afghan students and founded ROYA in order to formalize her role as an academic advisor for Afghan students. In addition to her work with ROYA, she is the accounting manager at Berkshire Publishing, a small international publishing company.

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