Jawed Nazari

Jawed Nazari is a researcher from Afghanistan. He has worked with several Afghan and international organizations as a researcher and M&E consultant. He has worked with Aga Khan Foundation to assess the impact of Stabilization Program for Northern Afghanistan (SPNA) funded by KFW and implemented by AKF. He also conducted a ‘baseline study’ for Pamir Energy Electrification Program in cross-border districts between Tajikistan and Afghanistan. He is currently working on a project called “Assessment of Learning Outcome and Social Effect of Community-Based Education” (ALSE) funded by USAID and administered by New York University. The research is intended to provide evidence regarding the effectiveness of different models of community-based education in order to guide funding and inform community-based education policy in Afghanistan. ALSE is a randomized controlled trial of a community-based education(CBE) program being implemented in more than 200 villages in six provinces of Afghanistan. He has also written many articles in the security area in Afghan outlets. In 2015 he has published his MA theses as a book entitled as “Hezb-e-Islami’s Behavioral Complexities in Post-Taliban Afghanistan” with an ‘organizational’ approach. Jawed has a BA in Sociology from Kabul University and a Masters in Security and Politics from OSCE Academy.

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