Economic Development and Trade

Economic development and trade is a special focus area. This is mainly because economic development is a national priority and PRSO is committed to contribute to it by producing solid research work and policy briefs.  PRSO aims to research, analyze, and provide policy recommendations to stakeholders for informed decision making on economic development. Considering the importance of international trade and its significance to economic growth, PRSO is working to contribute to the development of trade and economic growth of Afghanistan through empirical research.

Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that draws on political science, sociology, history, anthropology, theology, psychology, philosophy, and other fields to understand the causes of armed conflict; develop ways and strategies to prevent and resolve war, genocide, terrorism, gross violations of human rights; and build peaceful and just systems and societies. Within peace studies, “peace” is defined not just as the absence of war, but also the presence of the conditions for a just and sustainable peace, including access to food and clean drinking water, education for women and children, security from physical harm, and other inviolable human rights. Therefore, PRSO as a research organization is committed to utilize its potential capacity to launch peace and conflict related researches focused on providing policy recommendation, advocate for long-lasting peace, conduct peace and conflict related workshops, seminars, conferences and developing strategies.

Culture and Pluralism

History of wars and invasions of emperors has left Afghanistan with divers mix of ethnic groups, making it been home to diverse culture and identities. But tolerance of diversity has not been encouraging as it should have been. Intolerance towards diversity, driven by the invasion of Islamic monopoly, failed governance and decades of civil war further turned to become sources of conflict over the past four decades. It further exacerbated during the Taliban regime, in which Afghanistan shifted to Islamic fundamentalism. PRSO believes that disseminating food for thought for understanding cultural diversity as an engine of prosperity, requires solid evidence on the existence of diversity in all areas. To this end, PRSO considers culture as an important study area. This area is focused more specifically on Identities, Religion and Ethnic Diversity, Hand Crafts, Archeological sites, Arts, Folklore, Media and other subjects of cultural origins. Ehsan Shayegan, a cultural sociologist by training, leads this section of research at PRSO.

Governance and Rule of Law

The concept of rule of law and governance forms one of the pillars of the PRSO’s research activities. We will provide data about the establishment and functions of state and non-state institutions and aim to pay attention to rule-of-law violations in Afghanistan. Particularly we aim to conduct research and publish policy papers about corruption in Afghanistan and the way to counter it.

Youth and Women Empowerment

PRSO seeks to focus on women and youth empowerment, to discover where women and youth are achieving real goals despite or because of policy and practice and how we can make pathways visible and can build on their revealed successes. Through action research, learning and innovative research methods, we can bring changes in the community. We firmly believe that a strong policy-oriented research is vibrant for advancing and shaping informed agendas for youth and women’s empowerment in Afghanistan.

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