Installing the Application

RubyonRailsCMS is an advanced CMS and blogging system. Download it for free and build awesome websites with it.

Last week I added pagination and finished frontend style and functionalities. For pagination I used a popular Ruby gem known as will_paginate which you can follow the installation guide on Github, it is very straight forward, and finally you can use the application with lots of features and functionalities.

To download, configure and use RubyonRailsCMS follow the below steps:

  1. Download Rubyinstaller
  2. create a folder and name it anything you want, for example “MyWebsite”
  3. install rubyinstaller in newly created folder (MyWebsite) – during installation check the check box “Add to Path”
  4. download and install Devkit (create a devkit folder inside MyWebsite and install extract devkit there)
  5. open command prompt and cd to devkit
  6. follow Quick start and Test instalation in
  7. download and install NodeJS
  8. install Rails by running “gem install rails”
  9. clone the repository by running “git clone
  10. Once its done, cd into RubyonRailsCMS
  11. Run “bundle install” and then “rails db:migrate”
  12. Start the server by running “rails server”
  13. open a browser and type “localhost:30000”

If you get Bcrypt Load error after signup follow the below steps:

  1. cd into gems root. It should be under RubyXY-xXY (XY is ruby version)/lib/ruby/gems/x.y.z (x.y.z is your ruby version)/gems
  2. cd into bcrypt-x.y.z-mingw32 (x.y.z is bcrypt version)/ext/mri
  3. Run “ruby extconf.rb”, then run “make” and then “make install” If make not recognized do:
  4. cd into devkit
  5. Run “devkitvars.bat”
  6. again cd into RubyXY-xXY (XY is ruby version)/lib/ruby/gems/x.y.z (x.y.z is your ruby version)/gems/bcrypt-x.y.z-mingw32 (x.y.z is bcrypt version)/ext/mri
  7. Run “make” and “make install”
  8. Start Rails Server again by runing “rails server”, open a browser and type “localhost:3000”

Here are some photos of frontend and backend of the application

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